domingo, março 15, 2009

Journalist Award 2008

Third Prize

Christiana Martins Rocha

Journalist, Expresso

I am portuguese and I was born in Rio de Janeiro (1970). I have the master degree in Science of Communication by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. I work as journalist since 1995, first in «Público» and after and until now in «Expresso». I received a journalism award of Clube de Jornalistas in 2000.

Marisa Antunes

Press, Expresso newspaper

In the last three years, I’m writing about two different subjects: employment and architectural projects. I’m gratuaded in Business Management, in 1994. I worked in Marketing and advertising area for a year. In 1996, I began my career in press, in economical journalism. In this last 12 years I wrote about several subjects, but for a long time I was specialized in certain areas like heatlh, education, labor rights and human subjects in general (I wrote countless articles about human rights abuses in children, women, old people, minorities in general). Three years ago, I started working in Expresso newspaper and now I write about architectural projects and career management in general.

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